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Treasury Management for Directors

Unlock the Power of Treasury Management: A Comprehensive 30-Minute Training for Your Board of Directors

Are you ready to transform your financial institution's approach to treasury management? Our specially designed course is crafted to educate and empower your Board of Directors, providing them with the essential knowledge to oversee and enhance your institution’s treasury management strategies. In just 30 minutes, this in-depth session will be the cornerstone of your boardroom discussions, setting the stage for strategic growth and operational excellence.

Course Highlights:

  1. Understanding Treasury Management Benefits:
    • Discover how mastering treasury management can drive your institution’s success. Learn the key advantages for both your organization and your business clients.
  2. Treasury Management Framework:
    • Unveil the three pillars of treasury management: sales, onboarding, and maintenance. Understand the strategic processes that ensure seamless integration and sustained efficiency.
  3. Optimal Organizational Design:
    • Explore the ideal structure for your treasury management team. Learn how to align your department under key leadership roles to maximize performance and collaboration.
  4. Account Analysis Statement as a Billing System:
    • Gain insights into the account analysis system. Understand how to use it as a powerful tool for billing and enhancing customer relationships.
  5. Review of Top Treasury Management Services:
    • Get a quick overview of the leading treasury management services in the market. Equip your board with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
  6. Innovative Marketing Approaches:
    • Discover new strategies for marketing your treasury management services. Learn how to match services to your customers' needs based on their industry and specific requirements.
  7. Customized Service Matching:
    • Learn how to align the value of each treasury management service to your customer's unique needs. Tailor your offerings to maximize client satisfaction and retention.
  8. Achieving Results:
    • Get actionable steps to kickstart your treasury management initiatives. Learn how to achieve measurable results and transform your department into a competitive advantage.

Why Your Board Needs This Training:

Understanding and offering treasury management services elevates your institution from a traditional banking role to that of a trusted financial advisor. By becoming experts in treasury management, your business bankers and commercial lenders can deliver exceptional value, leading to:

  • Enhanced cross-selling opportunities.
  • Deeper and more profitable business relationships.
  • Increased non-interest fee income.
  • Secure core deposits and new referrals.

Equip your Board of Directors with the knowledge and tools they need to drive these outcomes. Our 30-minute training session is designed to be concise, impactful, and easily integrated into your boardroom schedule.

Unlock New Opportunities for Growth and Excellence

Transform your treasury management department into a strategic asset with our comprehensive training course. Empower your board with the expertise to make informed decisions, drive growth, and position your institution as a leader in financial services.

Ready to get started? Purchase our video training now and take the first step towards revolutionizing your treasury management approach.

Training Module Includes:

  • Unlimited lifetime access for your board of directors.
  • Updated content as it is updated.
  • Access for all your board members as long as they all have an email address @yourbank.
    • Unfortunately, we cannot grant access to free public email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. or other non-bank company domains.
  • 30-minute video training with closed captioning (both in English).
  • Related downloads relevant to the presentation in PDF format. 

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