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TMClarity is a Treasury Management training and management framework designed to help community banks increase non-interest fee income and core deposits. 

TMClarity is a visionary Treasury Management training framework, founded with a purpose to empower community banks. Our inception in 2023 by experienced banking professionals Marcia Malzahn and Tim Malzahn marked the dawn of a new era in Treasury Management for community banks. A service of Malzahn Strategic, TMClarity was born out of a need to resolve the challenges community banks face in implementing Treasury Management services.

We understand that community banks often grapple with the implementation of Treasury Management services due to limited budgets and staffing. Our primary goal is to alleviate these concerns by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution.

At TMClarity, we simplify the process by providing a straightforward, efficient training framework. We believe in equipping your bank staff with the knowledge they need to understand and implement the best practices of Treasury Management. Through our training, we enable your staff to provide seamless, high-quality services, resulting in improved operational efficiency and increased non-interest fee income.

Moreover, we don't just stop at training. TMClarity offers an extensive framework to manage Treasury Management services, providing your bank with a structured approach to improve and maintain financial operations. This in turn aids in bolstering core deposits and ultimately fostering steady growth.

Our approach gives community banks the resources they need to become "world-class" in terms of profitability and customer service. With TMClarity, your bank has the opportunity to reach new heights, delivering exceptional customer experience while maximizing profitability.

Our commitment to the betterment of community banks is unwavering, and we continuously strive to provide solutions that will elevate the standard of Treasury Management services within the community banking industry. 

Marcia (Marci) Malzahn - Co-founder and Principal

Born and raised in Nicaragua, Marcia Malzahn ventured to Minnesota in 1986, marking the start of an illustrious career in banking that has spanned over three decades. Her initial foray into banking led her to a leadership technology role in a non-profit organization in 1999, only for her to return in 2005 as the first employee and co-founder of a community bank startup.

Marcia's roles within the bank evolved over time, as she served as EVP/COO & CFO, and later CRO. Her leadership traversed across a vast spectrum of bank operations areas, including finance, IT, compliance, internal audit, deposit/loan operations, risk management, strategic planning, and HR. This journey gave her the unique opportunity to work closely with a diverse range of individuals and groups, from attorneys, auditors, regulators, vendors, board of directors, shareholders, senior management, to employees.

Over her 18 years in banking, of which 13 years were spent in senior executive leadership positions, Marcia successfully grew the bank from zero to over $300 million in assets. This remarkable achievement was realized during an especially challenging 10-year period.

With a wealth of experience and success in community banking, Marcia was motivated to extend her knowledge and insights to other financial institutions. This ambition culminated in the founding of Malzahn Strategic in 2015. With this platform, she skillfully combines her experience with strategic insight to assist institutions in achieving their visions.

Beyond her work in banking, Marcia is an internationally recognized bilingual inspirational keynote speaker. She often graces the stage at community banking and credit union conferences and associations, as well as financial services leadership and women’s conferences. Marcia, a Certified Virtual Presenter, offers valuable online and onsite training for banking and credit unions.

Marcia's dedication and contributions extend to literature as well, as she has authored five books touching upon various aspects of work, life, friendship, leadership, and human journey.

A testament to her impressive career, Marcia has been the recipient of numerous professional accolades, including “40 Under Forty” by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, “Top Women in Finance” by Finance and Commerce, ”25 on the Rise” by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and “Outstanding Women in Banking” by Northwestern Financial Review. She holds a B.A. in business management from Bethel University, is a certified life coach, and is a graduate and faculty of the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, Wisconsin. With TMClarity, she continues her journey of empowering community banks and shaping the future of banking.

Tim Malzahn - Co-founder and Principal

Hailing from Minnesota, Tim Malzahn embodies the true spirit of an entrepreneur. From a young age, Tim's curiosity and interest in understanding how things work set him on a unique path. His childhood passion for improving and rebuilding bicycles laid the groundwork for his problem-solving approach in his professional career.

While studying at North Hennepin Community College, Tim developed an interest in computers. He honed his skills in VisiCalc on an Apple IIe and later deepened his understanding of computer systems with Lotus 1-2-3 on the original IBM PC at a summer job. His proficiency in programming extensive macros in 1-2-3 eventually led him to administer an IBM System 36 minicomputer.

After marrying his wife Marcia and graduating from Minnesota State University at Mankato with a business degree in 1992, Tim steadily rose through the ranks in a global hair care company. As a global network manager, he managed a team responsible for a wide range of areas, including telecommunications, networks, servers, desktop computers, and the helpdesk.

Capitalizing on his growing expertise, Tim founded TNM Networks, a support and repair company offering computer and networking solutions to individuals and small businesses.

Post the Y2K era, Tim joined a startup ISP as the operations manager, constructing the core infrastructure and delving into the multimedia section of the service. He showcased his innovative approach by building some of the first large-scale live streaming church events on the Internet in 2003, attracting over 2000 viewers regularly.

Further demonstrating his entrepreneurial flair, Tim founded Fox Creek Trading, a pottery importer startup, and Zahn IT Solutions, a Managed Services IT Provider, in 2005. Despite the setbacks faced due to the 2008 financial crisis, Tim showcased resilience, continuing his journey in the IT services sector and moved to a local Managed IT Services provider.

During his tenure, Tim successfully introduced industry standard MSP tools and service delivery methodologies and brought EOS tools into the operations side of the business. His commitment to implementing effective operational structures led him to self-implement EOS tools, bringing significant improvements to the business's operational efficiency.

Tim's experience with EOS became pivotal when he started consulting for clients implementing EOS, one of whom had already seen considerable success with the system. Observing the transformational impact of EOS in an organization fully committed to it, Tim decided to focus his expertise on EOS implementation.

In 2019, Tim brought his extensive experience and passion for EOS to Malzahn Strategic, joining as a Principal Consultant. At TMClarity, Tim applies his rich background in entrepreneurship, IT, and EOS implementation to support community banks, credit unions, and other organizations with entrepreneurial mindsets. His mission is to guide leadership teams towards success, fostering healthy, thriving organizations through strategic business methodologies.

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